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We specialize in helping food entrepreneurs like you achieve growth and transformation while leaving the complex world of accounting in capable hands.


Start Winning Financially Today

Accounting that Pairs Perfectly with Your Food and Beverage Dream

Are you a food or beverage business owner with big dreams of growth and transformation? We get it; you're not just running a business; you're nurturing a vision. At our core, we're dream enablers, the ones who understand that your restaurant isn't just about food; it's about your passion and your aspiration for something greater.


Whether you're envisioning expanding your menu, opening additional locations, or redefining your restaurant's concept, we're here to provide the financial expertise and support to turn those dreams into reality. Let's collaborate to make your culinary dreams a resounding success.



Financial Success Begins Here

Business Manager 

Our entry level solution to financial empowerment, this level sets the financial foundation for your growing business.


Gain insight into your business’ performance with accurate accounting records and informative financial reports. 



Monthly Bookkeeping

Transactions from bank, merchant and credit card accounts are categorized so you will know how much was earned and spent during the month


Financial Reporting

Monthly financial statements that are accurate and easy to understand


Monthly Business Review Video

2-3 minute video explaining your financial results 


Quarterly Check-In with Accountant

Meet virtually with your accountant to discuss quarterly performance and goals for the next quarter


Business Tax Support

Year-end reporting package that includes all of the information needed by your tax accountant to prepare your business tax return. 

Fractional Controller

Enhance your growing business with specialized accounting solutions focused on streamlining your back office processes, monitoring prime costs, and maximizing profits. 

Cash flow management answers your questions on where your cash is coming from and where it's going.  

Weekly reporting enables managers to make operational adjustments sooner than later. 


Need bookkeeping?? Paired with Business Manager provides a complete accounting solution, with weekly bookkeeping and month-end close.


Weekly Flash Report

One page “snapshot” of the previous weeks’ performance, highlighting sales, food and labor costs, and other key metrics. 



Plan and stay on track with your financial goals with an annual budget and monthly budget to actual comparisons .


Custom Financial Reporting

Expanded reports to include detailed analysis of your business’ performance with a focus on profitability


Monthly/Period Business Review

Virtual meeting with CPA to review your financial performance

Oversight of bookkeeper/accountant (if applicable)


Guidance on financial policies and procedures 

Fractional CFO

Our highest level of financial guidance for established businesses looking to scale. We augment your leadership team, providing strategic advice and guidance to get you where you want to be.

Budgets, projections, and cash flow analysis keep you "one step ahead" allowing you to plan and  minimize surprises 

This strategic solution links operations to financial results, highlighting areas of improvement company-wide that can result in savings and improved profitability. 


Add to Business Manager for a full service, outsourced accounting team with weekly bookkeeping and month-end close.


Everything in Controller PLUS


Goal Setting

Keep your "reason" top of mind as you plan for the future of your business. Monitor your progress towards your goals with a partner who keeps you accountable.


Financial Projections

Projections provide insight on future performance based on different scenarios and outcomes


Cash Flow Management

Know exactly where your cash is coming from and where its going each week, eliminating the question of "where is my cash."

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Assess your performance against other businesses in your industry as well as internal targets and goals.


Operations to Financial Analysis

Identify operational issues that are affecting financial performance


Bi-weekly CFO Meetings 

Business Manager
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Together, we'll take your finances to exceptional heights of success

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