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Cleared Accounting Solutions, LLC is a boutique accounting firm specializing in accounting and advisory services for privately held businesses. We focus on providing industry specific services to businesses operating in the food and beverage industry.

The mission of Cleared Accounting Solutions is to be the premier accounting partner for businesses in the industries we serve, providing exceptional client service, accurate information, and valued financial advice. 
We strive to bring relief to our clients by providing customized accounting solutions that will allow them to focus on their business, armed with the knowledge of how it is performing financially.

Our Mission

Why Us?

Any accounting company can record your financial transactions, reconcile your bank accounts, and run reports. If that’s all you need, we may not be the accountants for you. 

We are so much more than bookkeepers. Recording your transactions is just the foundation for what we do. We empower business owners to run their business efficiently and effectively by providing insight into their operations.


We provide the “how” and “why” behind the numbers, which gives our clients the knowledge needed to drive profitability and growth.

About the Founder

LaShanta Taylor, CPA  



My name is LaShanta and I love accounting! 


As an auditor with an international accounting firm, my industry focus was restaurants and food businesses. That experience led me to leadership positions with an international quick service restaurant chain and a restaurant group with over 20 locations. 


During this time, I met so many passionate restaurant owners, operators, and managers who poured their heart and soul into their business. They worked hard every day to delivery a great guest experience, only to find themselves struggling financially. The issue was often the same...their restaurants were full but their cash was low, and they did not understand why. 

Our goal at Cleared Accounting is to help owners and operators truly understand their numbers so they can be proactive in the operation of their business. This drives profitability and more cash in your bank account.

Thank you for your interest in Cleared Accounting Solutions. I personally meet with each and every client so I invite you to schedule an appointment and we can get started with the process of CLEARING YOUR ACCOUNTING.

- LaShanta 

Make a reservation with us so we can clear your accounting!

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