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We are accounting professionals who understand the food and beverage industry inside out


Cleared Accounting is a boutique accounting firm specializing in accounting and advisory services for privately held businesses. 

We strive to bring relief to passionate business owners by providing customized accounting solutions that enables them to focus on their business, armed with the knowledge of how it is performing financially.


Any accounting company can record your financial transactions, reconcile your bank accounts, and run reports. If that’s all you need, we may not be the accountants for you. 

Recording transactions is just the foundation for what we do. At every level of service, we empower business owners by providing the "how" and "why" behind the numbers and how to translate the results into improved operations.

Meet the Founder

LaShanta Taylor, CPA  


My first “real” job after college was an auditor with one of the “Big” international accounting firms. My industry focus was restaurants and food businesses, and this is where my interest in this industry began. That experience led me to leadership positions with several QSR and restaurant groups where I gained essential industry insights into operations and how they directly affect the financial health of a company. I also witnessed passionate business owners working hard to deliver a great guest experience but struggling financially. The issue was often the same...their restaurants were full but their cash was low, and they did not understand why.


At Cleared Accounting, our mission is to empower owners and operators by providing a comprehensive understanding of their numbers. Our proactive and streamlined approach enables us to manage their businesses efficiently, simultaneously driving profitability and boosting cash flow. Together, we will unlock the greatest potential of your business.

- LaShanta 

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