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Our Services


Restaurant Accounting

Transaction Processing

All financial transactions are properly classified and posted in the accounting records monthly, weekly, or daily. Credit card settlements and bank deposits are reconciled to ensure all cash received is reflected. Vendor invoices and other expenses are classified and posted.


Weekly Flash Report

Weekly analysis of your revenue, prime costs (food, beverage, and labor), and cash flow so you have a timely feedback about your operations, allowing you to make adjustments the following week vs waiting until the next month.


Integration with your POS system

QuickBooks Online integrates with the majority of POS systems, which allows for revenue, inventory, expense, and labor information to be easily captured in your accounting system. This integration ensures that you have an accurate picture of your complete operational performance.


Account Reconciliations

Bank, credit card, and merchant account statements are reconciled to ensure all transactions are properly included and classified in the accounting system.


Financial Statement Preparation

We will prepare a balance sheet and income statement each month to show the results of your operations for the month and compared to the prior month and/or prior year.


Customized Reports

Based on what is important to you, we will create at least 2 custom reports that will provide additional details on your business’ performance in specific areas. Reports can include analysis of such areas as product profitability, food and/or labor costs, inventory, and cash flow.


Business Reviews with CPA

We will meet with you regularly to review the performance of your business, placing an emphasis on your prime costs and profitability. We will discuss what the numbers mean so you have a clear understanding of your business’ performance


Financial Consulting

New Business Setup

Just starting your food business? Start off with a solid financial foundation on day one. From establishing your accounting policies and procedures to assisting you with obtaining your business bank and merchant accounts, we can guide you through the administrative processes necessary to start your business correctly.


Project CFO

​Our Project CFO provides the expertise of a seasoned CPA to assist with a specific project or transaction.  This solution is often used to help businesses navigate through different growth phases or economic downturns or even overcoming specific business challenges.

Projects we can assist with include (but not limited to):


  • Labor and Compensation Analysis (Salaries/Wages/ Bonus Plans)

  • Tip Reporting

  • Breakeven Analysis

  • Lease/Purchase decisions

  • Purchases of vehicles, equipment, furniture

  • Industry specific calculations (i.e. franchise fees, royalty payments, commissions)

  • Agreed Upon Procedures

  • Audit Assistance


The following services can be added to any menu item above or provided a-la-carte:

Sales and Liquor Tax Returns

Full Service Payroll

Vendor Bill Management and Payments

House Accounts/Customer Billing and Collections

Expense Reports/Credit Card Management

Budget Creation and Monthly Monitoring

Benefits Management

Product Pricing Analysis

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