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Our Cleared CFO Solution helps to meet your expanding financial needs. In addition to providing the transactional service of bookkeeping, Cleared Accounting can also provide you with a higher level of accounting support you may need for your growing company.

At this level, you work directly with a seasoned CPA as we truly become a part of your executive team and invested in your continued success. We guide you as you continue to grow by providing answers to complex accounting questions as well as support for budget preparation, audits and reviews, process improvement, and strategic planning. We really dig into your business to analyze its performance so we can plan for continued growth.










As you continue to grow and are making decisions about the future of your business (expansion, acquisitions, investors, etc.) and need an even higher level of financial guidance, we are still there with you.  We can also assist in charting the direction of your company by providing valued input on the options available and opportunities/risks associated with each of them.

Each package for our Cleared CFO Solutions is different as it is tailored to the needs of your company. However, in addition to providing full-service bookkeeping, this level of service typically includes

Customized financial statements and report

Cash flow monitoring and management

Assistance with budget preparation

Formal month-end close with accrual-based accounting  

Process documentation and improvement

Our CFO Solutions package can also be expanded to include:

Weekly consultations with management

Communication with banks and other entities on your behalf

Strategic business reviews, including forecasts, goals and strategic planning

Attendance at board or advisory meetings

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This level of service involves us being a strategic partner and supplement to your existing accounting team. To start, we meet with you to understand exactly where you are, including a review of your existing processes, financial records, and operations. From there, we discuss what type of financial management you need and what your specific goals are.


Based on this, each Controller/CFO Service package is developed to address the specific needs of your company and pricing is customized accordingly.  For planning purposes, investments for this level of partnership start at $2,000 per month.


Contact us today for a customized quote for our CFO Solutions

If you don’t need the commitment of our Controller and CFO monthly service, but need assistance with a complex transaction or financial problem, we offer consulting services on project basis. Click below to find out more.
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