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Yes, we can "clear" taxes for you, too!!  Well, sort of...

Taxes are one of those things in life that you can't totally avoid, but we can definitely remove the burden of preparing your business and personal tax returns from your "to do" list!

With the ever changing tax regulations, preparing your tax returns can be quite confusing.

Deductions...Credits...Payments...Penalties...It's Alot!!


Yes, you can use tax software from your local office supply store and receive generic results. However, those results are based on the limited information you are able to provide by answering those questions.

Small business taxes

Working directly with an experienced tax professional ensures that your taxes are prepared based on your specific tax situation. Our accountants make sure you are taking advantage of the latest tax credits and deductions that are available to you and your business. We also ensure that your tax returns are accurate, filed correctly, and on time.

As a client of Cleared Accounting, your taxes are reviewed regularly, eliminating any surprises at year-end. Also, clients have access to a tax professional to answer any questions that may arise during the year.

Our tax services include:

  • Tax Planning - For most small business owners, your personal and business taxes are intertwined. As such, we offer comprehensive tax planning services for your personal and business financials and help you identify and estimate your tax liabilities well before they are due. We also provide recommendations for tax savings so you can keep more of what you have earned!!

  • Ongoing Tax Guidance - Our quarterly reviews include a review of your financials by a tax professional. We analyze your revenue and expenses and provide strategies to minimize your overall tax liability, year over year. We also assist with any business decisions that may impact your business or personal tax situation

  • Tax Preparation Services - Your business and personal tax returns will be prepared by one of our experienced tax professionals and reviewed by a CPA prior to filing. We will review your financial situation thoroughly to ensure that you receive every deduction and credit that you qualify for. We will also identify any potential audit "red flags" and develop a plan to handle them as necessary.



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