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Chocolate Bonbons


We would love to serve you, so you can focus on serving your guests!

Have a question about our services? 

Please email us at


Step 1: Short Questionnaire - Click Here to Begin 

We require all potential clients to complete a short questionnaire. Not sure of what you need? It's all good! That's why we ask a few questions beforehand.  During the initial consultation, we'll discuss exactly where you are in your business and make recommendations. 

Step 2: Discovery Call 

After we review your questionnaire and determine that we may be able to serve your needs, you will receive a link to schedule a Discovery Call. On the call, we will discuss your business in detail and gain an understanding of exactly what you are looking for. We will also provide information about our services and together we will assess if our services align with your needs. 

Step 3 - Paid Diagnostic Review and Proposal (3-5 business days)

If we agree to move forward, we will conduct a diagnostic review of your QuickBooks file and other accounting processes. This enables us to (1) assess the current condition of your accounting records and (2) gain an understanding of your business processes to create a plan for us to provide comprehensive accounting support to all of your operations. This includes reviewing how bills are paid, revenue collected and posted, what integrations are in place, how many bank/credit card/merchant accounts, etc. We will also look for ways to improve your financial processes and implement best practices.

After the diagnostic review, you will receive a written report outlining our findings and recommendations. We will also present a proposal for any cleanup work needed as well as for ongoing accounting services as discussed during the initial consultation. 

The cost of the diagnostic review is $150, which will be applied to the first invoice for the service contracted (either cleanup work or 1st monthly invoice if cleanup is not needed).

Step 4 - Contract and Onboarding

After signing the engagement letter, it's time for the CLEARING to begin. Onboarding is different based on the level of service and can take from 30 days to 90 days. However, we start working with you immediately so the value begins from the very start.



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