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FOOD TRUCK OPERATORS....We see you. Yes, you also serve great food, but there are differences between running a restaurant and food truck and we understand them. You may not pay rent and utilities but you do have fuel costs and truck parking fees...and let's not talk about a rainy day and how that impacts your business. 

Our solutions for food trucks are tailored to the specific needs of those who operate mobile food businesses. We ensure that you are capturing sales and tracking expenses so you have a clear picture of how your food truck is performing financially.  We even offer weekly billing to coincide with your cash flow cycle.

Food Truck Business Manager........................Starts at $125/week**

Monthly Accounting  Oversight

Perfect for brand new food trucks and trucks that only operate 2-3 days a week. 


We provide you with the tools to handle your food truck finances. You pay bills and manage weekly sales from the POS.  At the end of the month, we ensure that all of your financial activity is captured from your POS, payment processor, and bank/credit card accounts.  We will also provide you with financial statements and customized reports so you will know exactly how your business is operating.

Food Truck Controller.........................Starts at $850/month**

Weekly Accounting Support

This level is for growing food trucks that operate 5-7 days a week. At this point, owners need more timely, detailed information to know exactly how their business is performing...either by the day, event, or by location.


Our Controller level provides full service support to food trucks by handling the administrative tasks required, which frees you up to focus on the food! We can assist with food invoices, expense reimbursement, vendor payments, inventory tracking, and more. We can also assist with cash management and payroll.  Weekly flash reports provide timely feedback on your prime costs, allowing you to make adjustments in the following week vs waiting until the next month.

**After initial consultation and file review, our quote will provide an all inclusive, fixed monthly fee for our services. Our monthly cost varies based on the number of bank, credit card, and merchant accounts, transactions per month, 3rd party integrations, and any special reporting requirements. 

QuickBooks New Business Setup & Training.........................$1,200


Thinking of starting a food truck business or just getting started?? Start off with a solid financial foundation on day one. We will create a customized QuickBooks Online file for your brand, connect any integrations needed (POS, inventory management, payroll, etc.) and provide you with a 4 module training course to show you how to use the basic aspects of the software. 

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