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As a new business with limited activity, it can be beneficial to handle your own accounting. 



Even if you choose to do your own accounting, we believe that all businesses, no matter what size, can benefit from having an accountant they can contact when questions or issues arise.

Our Accountant on Demand options provide access to accountants, without the "extras" that you may not need at this stage.

It keeps you in the "know" of what's going on financially

You learn how every transaction affects your finances

And let's keep it real...It saves money

Cleared Collective Membership Program

The Cleared Collective provides accountability and support as you handle your own bookkeeping. 

Struggling with questions like...

How do I code this purchase?

Can my POS system integrate with QuickBooks?

How to I send an invoice to a customer?

Membership in the Cleared Collective allows you to ask these questions and more. Our accountants will provide timely responses to simple accounting questions via a dedicated messaging portal.


 Monthly group calls offer the opportunity to ask more questions and network with other small business owners. 


​Membership Includes:

Up to 4 questions a month submitted and answered by one of our accountants

Invitation to monthly “Ask Me Anything” group calls

Monthly client newsletter with valuable information

50% discount on Pick My Brain sessions

Investment: $99/month


With Quarterly Reviews

Membership Includes:

Everything included in Cleared Collective

 AND quarterly reviews of your financial records. 

We will perform a high-level review for obvious issues and misstatements

You will receive a written report with the results and recommendations on how to resolve any problems found.

Investment: $189/month

"Pick My Brain"  Conversation

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know the value of being able to bounce ideas off of someone. We also know how it is to start something from scratch, not knowing if you are doing it “right.”


“Pick My Brain” sessions are high value one-on-one conversations with our firm’s owner. Ask her anything related to accounting, financial operations, or anything else you think she may be able to help you with.


In these sessions, we have covered topics such as:


  • What financial procedures should my restaurant have?

  • Pricing (i.e. Am I charging enough? How much should this product cost)


  • How do I read my QuickBooks reports? How can I tell if my restaurant is profitable?

  • My restaurant is always packed. Why am I not making any money?


  • Is it time to hire a bookkeeper? Accountant? CFO?

If you are struggling with a specific aspect of your business, let’s talk about it…


 1 hour session - $500

Full Day VIP (up to 6 hours) -  $2500

Would you rather leave the accounting to us?  No Problem!

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